Exit trigger doesnt work

Oct 21, 2012


I have the updated version but when I created a hotspot with exit course trigger, it doesnt work :(

I must deliver the course as soon as possible.

I read the HTML exit trigger issues and I defined it will open in a new browser window... doesnt work.

I check it with chrome... on my computer...

Thank you for your help


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Dane Boyington

I have also been having some problems with this. I had Update 1, but the Exit trigger was not doing anything if playing the HTML5 version.

Then to be sure I had the lastest version, I uninstalled Storyline, made sure the entire Articulate folder in Program Files was deleted, and reinstalled it.  I think it still was not working. Then I tried turning on the default player navigation buttons and the Exit button in the Player settings dialog. Now suddenly it is working, even if I turn off the player Exit button and use by own custom one. You might try doing this and see if the same thing works for you. I would certainly like to know, because this is important.

A couple of oddball things I still do see:

- If you have the player set to display it's Exit button in the upper right corner, it shows when playing with Flash, but does not appear if you play in HTML5 with the same Chrome browser with plugins disabled. The only way for me to trigger an Exit in HTML5 is to use a custom button and trigger.

- The exit behavior is different when playing the HTML5 version - it acts like Configuration.js is set to EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP" even though it is actually EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "SCORM_RECOMMENDED". This make the entire browser tab close even though I have the SL project playing in a lightbox. This means I have reopen the LMS and log in again after playing a SL piece on the iPad.

So it still seems buggy to me, but see if you can get it to work by reinstalling?

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