Exit trigger not working in LMS

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Storyline 360. Facing an issue lately with the exit button functionality. Well, the course is not exiting from the LMS when you hit the exit button on the player. Created a button and triggered to exit the course from the actions menu, still not working. Made changes to the  Configuration.js file as per the link https://articulate.com/support/article/exit-course-trigger-does-not-work 

For some reason, the exit trigger is working for the courses made in Lectora.

Please help.

- Avi


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Dave Cox

Hi Avinash,

Are you trying to use the exit button on the player to close the course? 

The exit button uses the javascript window.close method to close a browser window. It used to be common to close a course in this manner, but several years ago, browser developers added restrictions to this method. Now, the window.close method only works on a window that was opened by javascript using the window.open method. This restriction was added to prevent scripts from closing windows that the user did not want closed. 

This restriction also limits the ability to use the exit button to close the browser window from within a course. Usually the window that the course plays in is opened by the LMS. Since the course doesn't have access to the reference the LMS used to open the window, it can't close the window.

I've found that the best practice is to avoid using the exit function. In my courses, I always end with a slide that tells the user that the course is complete, and that they can now close the browser window.