Exit Triggger on the Player Doesn't Work

Jan 20, 2017


I am trying to add an Exit Trigger to the player.  The functionality seems to be there.

I added the trigger. 

Named it "Exit" and set its placement on the player (top right)

Set the action, "Exit Course".

Set the When, "User Clicks".

It seemed to work in the preview, but doesn't when I publish.

Do I need to do something else?

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Dave Cox

Hi Christopher,

I've found that it is best to have the user close the course.

The Exit trigger calls a javascript close.window function. Several years ago, that function was severely limited to prevent developers from closing the users browsers when the user didn't want the browser to close. Now, the only time that function works is on a window that was opened by javascript as part of a current session. That means, that in many cases the exit trigger won't work either. So now, I always create a slide where I tell the user, thank you for taking the course, scores have been recorded, and an instruction that they can now close the browser window.

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