Exiting an Articulate Storyline course - in Moodle

Sep 30, 2015


If I have an Articulate course that is set to 'open' in Moodle. Does the user just have to use the back arrow in the browser to exit the Articulate course asset or is there any work around. I have tried to add an close button in a previous version of Articulate but it didn't seem to work within Moodle.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

I think you're referring to the known issues of the trigger or exit button documented here, so you may also want to look at the fix mentioned there in regards to working within an LMS. Likely closing the browser window would allow the user to be considered completed or closing the course, but if you want the user to return to Moodle you may also want to look at having it launch in a new window so that the user doesn't close out the entire set up by mistake. 

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