Expand the Rows Articulate Storyline 360

Jul 11, 2022

Hello All,

Could you please let me know how can I create in Articulate Storyline 360, the expand rows option when the user clicks on the + icon.

Please see attached sample.

Thanks a lot.

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Nick Nick

Hello Walt! I tried to add another row to the list for a total of four but I'm struggling with the triggers. It does not display correctly. Please I need some help with the functionality. Moreover, the plus sign at the end of row four it's not aligned with the ones on the top. Thanks a lot.

Walt Hamilton

To add a new row, you need to duplicate the last row, add a variable for it, and change the triggers. Personally, I also like to rename the motion paths.

Changing the triggers involves adding the new item to the trigger list of each of the previous items. Go through the list, and every place you find two triggers alike, add one just like them that does the same thing to the new item. Then for the new item, change the references to refer to the new item.

By the way, this will only work if all the items are the same height in both Normal and Expanded state.

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