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May 01, 2014

I came across with the issue to export my screen recording into a video in Storyline.

Here is what I did:  

  • I recorded my screen by turning off audio in Storyline.
  • I inserted the recording as Step-by-Step slides in View mode.
  • I recorded the audio in Captivate with text-to-speach feature and exported them into mp3 files
  • I inserted those mp3 files back to the step by step screen recording slides.

Now, in the Story View, when I preview the recording slides, they have audio. Is there a way to export them into a video with audio? The video I have converted now has no audio because I turned off the audio for the original recording.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Qing and welcome to Heroes! 

There wouldn't be a way to export the entire contents of your slides as one video file, although you could still export the original screen recording without audio.  If you'd like to create one video file that would include your screen recordings step by step and the audio, you may want to look at using a tool such as Replay (which is free with a Storyline license) to record the Storyline course as you play it (you may want to set it to advance automatically so that the video doesn't capture your interaction with the slides). 

Hope that helps! 

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