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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Deepa,

that is a nice request... it is not impossible but there is nothing out of the box, sorry.

There is no way in directly collecting the results from any lerner's computer to one single excel-file without some extra work (or a working learning management system - LMS).


Okay, of course there is at least one way (not an easy one):

You will need a modified report.html which stores the lerner's result to a database.

If the result is stored in the database (eg. mysql or oracle,..) you can export that to an excel-file.

You have to set up a database on your server.
You need some programming skills in javascript/AJAX and databaseprogramming (eg. mysql).
Your server must provide a database (like mysql). If there is none, you have to install it.

Apart from that you will need a scripting language like php to collect the AJAX call from report.html to send the data to your database.


1. Modify your report.html to send AJAX calls with results to a script on your server.
2. Write a script on your server which processes the AJAX call.
3. Setup a database which can store the data of step 2.

When this is done you can export excel-data from your database.


Another solution would be a learning management system of course.