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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca and Travis,

As Alyssa mentioned we don't have a feature in Storyline to convert it to a Powerpoint. 

There are a few other options that may work for presentation needs such as:

  • Publish to Web, and set each slide to advance when the presenter clicks "Next" 
  • Publish to Video (Storyline 360 only) and that way the presenter could play/pause the video as they take learners through it.
  • Publish to Word, you could share that document with learners to have as a physical or electronic handout. Once you've published to Word, you can also easily save/print to PDF.

Hope that helps, and we'll keep you posted if the import of Storyline to Powerpoint becomes a feature. 

Crystal Horn

Hi David. There isn't a publish to PowerPoint option in Storyline, but you do have some options:

  • Publish for offline viewing - instructors can launch the course and walk a class through its content without going to a learning management system or website.
  • Tom offers a way to use Storyline content in PowerPoint presentations.

I hope that helps for now!

David Hutchinson

Excellent, thank you. Toms feature is really good help (as always as this guy is a genius!).
Perhaps Tom would like to include and demo this in his next series of workshops (eg. London in November). There are so many who need to do this. We produce a Storyline course and then the client asks if they can deliver this as face to face training using PowerPoint.

With best wishes

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Daniel Alexander

For me  - I've created a storyline template that people can use which is working great

But for the non developers i want to be able to give them the template in powerpoint form so that can can create their scripts straight and populate with their info so that they get an idea of what the elearn will look like and the devleoper can easily create in storyline

Carl D'Silva

I have a similar business challenge as Daniel. We are currently looking at the potential of creating technical competency assessments in Storyline. However, the SOP knowledge management (i.e. Standard Operating Procedures) are within Powerpoint (over 1000 SOPs). There are a number of SMEs across 2 countries and multiple functions that update the knowledge management as required. I need them to be able to edit the assessments' copy/script as and when information changes.

Having the ability to convert a Storyline file to PowerPoint would allow for the copy-editing / development process to be more efficient, considering the number of assessments.

Any ideas would help. 

Justin Hodges

This would be SUCH a useful feature to have!

The perfect situation would be a simple export to PPT option, forgoing the triggers, animations and links, etc capabilities (losing those would be okay) - and for layers, simply just give the option to export each layer as an additional slide, or export only the base layers, etc.  

Just to be able to export editable slide back and forth from Storyline to PPT (both ways) would be incredible. 

For teams like the one I'm one, we often have the need to create facilitator guided and self guided learning modules - both with similar content.   Often there are updates, or multiple people working on them on both platforms.

I can't begin to imagine how much time we would save if we could actually work cross platform (both ways) with PPT and Storyline.   

It would be a game changer!