Exporting Marker image without text bubble (found a method)

Feb 18, 2023

As I use the forum a lot to solve problems I meet, I want to share with the community a method I found that allows to export a Marker image without text bubble. If you want to use a Marker as button, you can indeed set it as 'audio-only' and in the player you will get no bubble. Yet, if you try to export the image, and therefore need to click on the marker first, to then right-click and Export-as-image, you will find out that the bubble pops-up anyway and the image you save comes with it. You can, nevertheless, edit the State of the Marker, and export it from the State. This way, the image will be the sole icon/marker and not the bubble. I use it a lot when I need smaller Markers, which unfortunately (and in my view not ideally) are impossible to reduce in size. Then I use the image on a button (or hotspot over the image) and I can place them where I want without the bubble. Would be nice to be able to resize-down the Markers, so much less trouble, but for now this is a workaround. Hope you like it and whilst not a seminal contribution to the community, I hope it is useful to someone. If you have different workarounds for smaller marker (with or without bubble), I would be interested to learn. Thanks to all. Best Andy 

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