Exporting text for translation

In the tutorial for translating Storyline courses, it says:

"Word Document (*.doc): If you’ll be translating the text manually, this is probably your best option.

Word Document with Reference Column (*.doc): This is the same document as above with an additional column, so you can always see the text in its original language."

Why is Word Document considered to be the best option?  I would think that  if you're translating text, the Word Document with Reference Column would be easier to use since it has the two columns of text, especially if some or many of the rows in it have a lot of text.  Does it make any difference which one you use, or is it just personal preference?

Also, the word documents are exported in the old Word 97 - 2003 *.doc format.  Will that be updated soon to the current Word format?

Thank you.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- Thanks for reaching out here! I will defer to your fellow community members to share opinions on their preferences between choosing Word Document (*.doc) or Word Document with Reference Column (*.doc). And while I do not have any information to share on the Word 97-2003 .doc export format, I wanted to mention that you would be welcome to share your thoughts with our Product team here