Exporting to play via Articulate Mobile Player

Nov 06, 2012

We are creating resources in Articulate Storyline that students need to be able to access on smart phones/iphones. 

We have tried using Articulate mobile player


The flash file does not play at all, and the html 5 file plays fine, but there are some disturbances with the objects in the slide - text and characters etc. get white boxes around them. 

Has anyone else had this problem and/or know if there is a setting or something we can do on publish that will make these more compatible? 

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Peter Anderson

Hi Dani!

Can you tell us a little more about the issues you're experiencing with the Mobile Player? Are you being sure to publish your courses with the option to include output for the Articulate Mobile Player? You'll want to be sure to tick the option in your publish dialog:

And here's a really helpful article, that also includes more useful links, that will help you understand how Storyline chooses which output to display.

Dani Edwards

Hiya, so I ticked all of those options, and outputted, still having problems on the ipad but I'll get my college to describe those when she gets in. (She has downloaded the Mobile player App) 

From reading other forum posts, we thought the problem might be due to something to do with Moodle (?) , so we have tried sitting the files in a cloud storage and making the folder public, then hyperlinking 'out' from the Moodle to see if this works. 

1) Has anyone managed to host AS content and have students access it via Moodle? 

2) If we have an interaction built, can anyone suggest a step-by-step for publishing and testing on ipads or mobile devices? 

Feels like I could be reinventing the wheel! 


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