External Files Folder "Saves" Some Files but Not Others

Hi all! Can someone explain how the external_files folder works with regard to publishing? I have a Training Manual as a resource document in there that is linked in the player. When I publish, it remains in that folder. :-)

However, if I place html, css and pngs in there for a certificate I'm generating, they get overwritten each time. :-(

Why are some files "safe" in there and others are not? I've researched in this site and it advises to have external files ready to upload each time you publish but this is rather cumbersome.

Thanks for any advice!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcia,

It sounds like the files you are asking about have been manually added to the output folders vs being a part of your published project. Is that correct?

If so, that would explain why they are not 'holding' during a re-publish.

Perhaps someone in the community will be able to chime in to share how they overcome this obstacle as modifying the published output is not a supported activity.

Marcia Witt

Hi Leslie,

Yes, that is correct. The Training Manual.docx is linked in two spots in the project 1) as a Resource in the Player and 2) from a hyperlink on the Getting Started slide. It absolutely makes sense to me that that file is considered part of the final project and gets saved in the external_files folder.

However, when I place other files in the external_files that are not linked in my .story file, but use data I've exported from my Articulate project...such as the certificate.html, logo.png and certificate.css they "disappear" each time I publish and I have to copy them back in from a  "saved_docs" folder I created.  So understanding best practice on where to place these files will be much appreciated.

Many thanks!!



Phil Mayor

Hi Marcia

Each time you publish (without changing the name or location) then the folder is destroyed so any files you add to external files folder will be deleted, there is no way to ensure that every time you publish these extra files are added to the external files folder. It may be easier to add them as a web object and call them from there, this way they become part of the published file.

Matthew Bibby has this great tutorial https://matthewbibby.com/package/