Extra object appearing in Down State

Jan 22, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have a drag and drop activity where the learner is sorting vehicles into four categories. I have the vehicles appear one at a time. When the learner clicks the vehicle, it shrinks to a drag-able size using the Down state. That is all fine.

I needed to add a bit of text description for each vehicle, so I added that to the vehicle's "normal" state. When I edit the vehicle's "down" state, that text is no longer there. That is fine. That is what I want to happen: Click the vehicle, shrink it, the text disappears. However, when I preview the slide, the text is not gone in the "down" state. It is still there, full-size, and drags along with the vehicle. What am I doing wrong? Also, the text box does not show up as a separate item in the timeline.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

here is an example, how states are working in the storyline player


the stated are NOT exchanged, but displayed on top of each other

you need a background with identical width/height to cover the underlying states