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May 14, 2012

So I made a redesign of a website that one of our programs uses with its students. The site is poorly constructed and not very useful


Hope there're no UW people here

I "repackaged" the sounds into a SL, through in a randomizing draw quiz, and the faculty I showed loved it!  They even wanted to use it for this past weekend, so I polished it up a bit more and gave it to them.


The hardest part was getting the currently playing sounds to stop when the user clicks for another sound, especially in the heart murmur section, where there are at least 10. I had to put a stop medial for all sounds on each button, then a play medial at the end. Back in the day when I programmed in Flash, I could just create a function for it.  Of course, I probably could have done one button with all the triggers and just duplicated it, but I already had all the buttons set up by there!

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James  Kocher

Thanks, Dave

the sounds are for pharmacists learning to do physical assessments. I think the goal is just to get them to recognize something is wrong and not necessarily diagnose. They're pharmacists, after all 

I have convinced some faculty to let me make some virtual patient interactions.  I have a mock-up of one on another thread.  Should be fun!

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