Fading video controls?


I remember that in Storyline, there were 2 variations of the video controls: one that was always visible and directly below the video, and another that was layered on top of the video, but faded away after a few seconds, like on YouTube. I discovered that the fading controls were for Flash, while the "always visible" controls were for HTML5. 

However, with SL360, there's no option to have the fading controls, especially in HTML5 publishing.

Any way to "get them back" or to be added in the future? I'm asking this, because we always need to add a few pixels of space for the controls.

Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean-Christophe, 

I can see how having those video controls disappear in Flash and remain in HTML5 was confusing, and I'd be happy to share the idea to have "Fade controls" for videos in Storyline 360's HTML5 output. 

You can also always share ideas with us directly by submitting a feature request here.