Video Controls not working in Storyline 3

Apr 24, 2017

Hello, I have a project that mostly consists of videos. The player timeline seekbar doesn't always sync with the video (it will keep moving if the video pauses to buffer or load, for example) so it's not the most reliable way to offer the student to seek through a video. As such, with Storyline 2 I always included the video controls, using the "below video" option and users were able to simply hover over the video, and a seekbar for the video itself would appear.

This no longer appears to be the case for Storyline 3. I updated my project files to 3, and published them, but there were no video controls. I tried toggling it on and off for one of the videos, but it didn't fix the issue. Can this be fixed? I would love a workaround too, but short of using the timeline seekbar, which as I said doesn't synch very well, I am not sure what I would do. Thanks

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Jeffrey Peters

Ah, I think I see what my problem is now. In Storyline 2, when I would select the video controls and set them "below video," it never actually showed up below the video. A playbar would appear as an overlay at the bottom part of the video object itself, when hovered over. I therefore always had my videos set to the bottom edge of the screen. Based on the example you provided, with Storyline 3, it appears the video controls are actually fixed and underneath the object this time. 

For reference, here is an example of one I did with Storyline 2 (skip ahead to any of the videos after the intro):

This one, I also created with Storyline 2, but then opened it up in SL 3 and upgraded, then published it out in SL 3:

So having changed nothing else but which version of Storyline I used, I think what has happened is the playbar is now just hidden when I publish it out in SL 3? Since my videos are at the bottom edge of the project window...