Fail to run Storyline 360 & Storyline 3 in Windows 10

I recently transferred all application and documents from one Mac to another. Current Mac is stronger and faster. I have installed Parallels and Windows 10 in my current mac. It worked fine in my previous laptop. However, after the transfer, Storyline 360 fail to run. I double click on the app, it just never opened. 

I have tried  uninstall and re-install. Articulate 360 app sits inside Local Disk C inside Program Files 86 folder. It has been installed in the computer. 

I made some changes on the user access on the folder and app. But still struggling to open. I am stuck now, not sure what to do!

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Hans Christian Macaraeg

Hi Shirleen,

I am sorry to here that you are facing issues with your storyline. Reinstalling the application is a one good way to rectify it but it seems like it did not work for you. What i would do is to try repairing storyline. You can start doing that by following the steps on this article:

I will also make sure that the following are installed and up to date:

Microsoft .Net framework 4.5.2 or later

Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable

Adobe Flas 10.3 or later

If the application is still not working, please contact the support team as soon as you are able. Below is the link where you can submit a case report:

Please do not hesitate to reach back should you need assistance.

Wish you all the best.