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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Nancy!

It sounds like you went through these steps, https://www.groovypost.com/howto/install-fonts-windows-10/, to install Helvetica in Windows 10, but the font is not appearing in Storyline 360. Let's get that sorted out!

Here's a short recording of the process in action. (I'm also using Parallels!) 

My hunch is that something may have happened in the file conversion process. Would you be able to send me your Helvetica font file so I can test it on my end? 

Nancy Hemenway

Hi Katie, Thank you for the video – The fonts were already there but this time, instead of install – I added “install for all users” (also a selection when right clicking). Once I did this, the font did appear in the list.

Another question: When you add a font from your Mac, do you have to convert a Mac true type font to a windows version?

I did that but it was somewhat of a hassle. It took me a while to figure out where the fonts on my Mac were sitting!

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Katie Riggio

Thanks for circling back with an update, Nancy. So happy to hear that the other install option did the trick!

Those fonts will need to be installed on the Windows side to be used in Storyline. The most common font file extensions are .ttf or .otf.

Here are a few ways to check to see what fonts are already installed on Windows:

  • In Windows, open Settings. Type in Fonts into the search field, and then select Font Settings
  • Head over to the C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

Does that help?