Font Installed in Parallels Windows Environment Does Not Appear in Storyline

Oct 24, 2020

My company has standardized on the Proxima Nova font for most company materials. We are a Mac installed company so I run Storyline in Parallels.

When I started to develop in SL, I discovered that PN font was missing on Windows. I found a True Type version of the font within the company and tried to install iton Windows in the Parallels environment.

On my first attempt, the fonts were not recognized so I read some blogs and found that if I ran the files through an online converter program, they would install.

Within Windows, all the Proxima Nova fonts are visible in the Fonts folder and they are accessible to me within any Microsoft application, such as Word or PowerPoint. Most - but not all - are visible (and usable) within Storyline.

Unfortunately, the one exception is the Proxima Nova Regular font, the one I need most of all!

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing that one font - both the original file I converted and newly converted file - with no luck.

Does anyone know why a font that is installed on Windows and shows up in the Fonts folder and in MS applications does NOT appear in Storyline??

Thanks for any ideas or guidance the community can offer!


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Ren Gomez

Hi Christian,

I'm sorry to hear the Proxima Nova Regular font isn't appearing in Storyline 360! Since the other font versions appear, it sounds like you've already restarted Storyline since the font install.

I've opened a case on your behalf to connect you with a support engineer that can help! Would you mind sharing the font files with our team using your personal upload link here?

Once we're done testing, we'll reach out with next steps!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rick!

I'm happy to help! Can you try the steps listed below?

  1. Close Storyline 360.
  2. Install the font on the Fonts folder in Windows
  3. Restart your workstation.
  4. Open Storyline 360 and check to see if the font is listed.

If this doesn't do the trick, we'll want to enlist our Support Engineers for their expertise. You can use this link to connect with a Support Engineer.

Michael Howard‌

Hi, has anyone ever found a solution to this? I've found similar posts from people on this issue going back over 5 years so it's disappointing that there still doesn't seem to be a handle on this common problem. In my case I have installed, uninstalled, restarted, tried the .tff format, tried the .oft format. I just cannot get Storyline to acknowledge my Proxima Nova installed fonts (semibold and light in my case.) Would appreciate any assistance.

Eric Santos

Hi Veronica,

I'm sorry to hear you've hit this snag! Do you need help with the same font in this thread, Proxima Nova? If it is a different font and restarting Storyline doesn't help, please feel free to share the font files using the link below so that our talented Customer Support Engineers can dig deeper into the problem.

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