Proxima Nova Font issues...

Nov 01, 2022

I had an instructional designer develop my storyline training in Proxima Nova  font, which is not a MS standard font.  Storyline alerted me that I didn't have the font installed so I installed it but it is still not recognizing the Proxima Nova Reg variation, which my computer says is installed.  Now if I open the SL file, it corrupts all the text.  Is there an easier or better way to handle situations with fonts?  What is easier:

  • Figuring out which Proxima Nova variant I am still missing and install it?
  • Swap out Proxima Nova for a standard font?

Any advice would be appreciated.  

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this snag. 

We are currently tracking a known issue in Storyline 360 that causes the Proxima Nova sub fonts (Light and SemiBold) to not get recognized properly

Can you confirm if you are using these sub fonts so I can include this thread in the bug report? This will help us notify you as soon as a fix is released. As a possible workaround, you can try using a different custom font to see if this will display properly to help with your design. 

Looking forward to your response!