Fallback for flash content in html5

Hi there,

I'm thinking of recommending storyline for some new projects that are on the horizon within the company I work for. I just have a quick question regarding the publishing options. I know you can publish as HTML5 and/or for flash. If the course contains flash content and you publish as HTML5 and flash, what does the HTML5 version show?

Does it simply exclude slides with flash content?

Does it have a default placeholder instead?

Does storyline allow for an alternative slide to be added in place of flash content?

Many Thanks


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tim,

By Flash content, do you mean Flash elements that have been inserted into the course, as in a Flash video, etc.? If you're referring to SWF files, these are not supported in HTML5 content. If you have these types of files, it may be best to convert them (if they're movies, you can insert them using a different format). 

If you haven't already, you may want to check out our handy comparison chart below:

Articulate Support - Comparing Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output

That chart may be really helpful once you start planning your courses. If you have any questions, or need any clarification on any of the supported features, please let us know!


tim lambert

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your reply. I was referring to swf files. If I cresate a course with some swf content because I want those that can run the course as a flash course to see it but then publish it as html5 and flash, so that mobile users can also see the course, how does the html5 version handle the swf content. Does it put a placeholder in place of the swf, remove the screen with the swf completely or can I add a fallback or alternative screen for the html5 course?

Many Thanks

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tim,

I believe it really depends on the SWF that's used. For example, I have a very simple course with a SWF file inserted into the slide. in the HTML5 version, I can see an image of the SWF, but the SWF doesn't play. So I can see that there's supposed to be content there, but it shows up as an still image of the video, not an actual video/interactive SWF. 

Now, if I try to view that same course in the Articulate Mobile Player, nothing shows up for that SWF. No image, no placeholder, just no content in that space. 

Neither methods support SWF files, so it may be best to consider using a widely supported format for your files, if you want to ensure your users will be able to view all of the content from various machines and the iPad. 

You could try using FLV instead. FLV alpha channel transparency is supported in the Flash Player and also in the Articulate Mobile Player. However, if you publish Storyline content for HTML5, any FLV movies in your project will be encoded as MP4 movies. As a result, alpha channel transparency will not be maintained in the HTML5 output.

I hope this all makes sense!