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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Ana.

I have been able to reproduce this problem consistently in your attached file, and this seems to be a defect in Storyline.  I have submitted this Issue to the Articulate Quality Assurance Team for further review.  I will keep this Forum Thread updated with our findings.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Ana Victória

Justin, I have another "problem" with buttons on a quiz on the course:

The quiz has 3 tries and the buttons "review" and "try again" change accordingly to the number of tries. But I cant seem to manage to correctly change the states of the buttons. Please see file.

To do work around this I set a triger "change state of... when timeline ends" on layer "failureFinal" to both buttons. The option "timeline starts doesn't work correctly. The problem is that the client was to fast and click on the Try again button before it changes to disable... (this code is not on the file)

Can you see what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Justin Grenier

Thanks for submitting your file, Ana.  I'm afraid that due to the language barrier, we are going to need to simplify your file a bit and get clarification from you on the specific slides and objects that you are working with.

The best way to kick off this process is for you to submit a Support Case.  On the second page of this submission form, you will have the opportunity to (a) include a copy of your .story file and (b) record a Screencast that illustrates the problem.  I would recommend completing both of these additional, optional steps to help make the problem's illustration as clear as possible.  Thanks!