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May 29, 2012

Following on from my post about Engage interactions into Storyline, may I ask you how you would design an interaction in Storyline for a large FAQ database. I liked the old Engage display but I would rather use a native Storyline interaction. It's quite a larger (and dry) FAQ list so the template provided with Storyline is not good for me. The answers can be quite long and I want the whole list of questions to appear (I think inevitably with a scroll) on the one page.

I would appreciate your guidance, suggestions and perhaps pointing me in the direction of user templates for Storyline that may help (I haven't found any).

I have a smilar question about timelines so again, if you know any useful templates for sober, readable timelines, please let me know.

Thank you.


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Remi Bath

This is such a vibrant community! Thanks a lot people. Off to see Phil's but please keep suggestions coming, especially on the FAQ: thanks for the scroller idea (I didn't know I could but then I am just starting out) but I think I will need a collapsible structure with main headings (if I remember correctly, Engage did the collapsing structure but not with main headings: I'll check).

Thanks again.


Jamie Morgan

Depending on the number of questions under each section, you could toy with just using the layers. Have the collapsed menu be your base layer and when someone clicks one of those main topics, it triggers a layer with that section expanded showing the sub-questions. Clicking on the (-) sign would take them back to the base layer. In essence you'd be immitating an expanding/collapsing feature by using the layers. Granted, they could only have one section open at a time.

For each question, trigger another layer with the answer. Again, this is just one way of doing it. Not sure if you're wanting a click the question to reveal the answer setup or a simple question and answer all showing together and they scroll to view all the questions.

Bruce Graham

This thread, (IMHO) shows the answer to the "Should I buy SL or (new) Studio?"- threads.

Studio has certain pre-built components that do not exist (yet?) in SL, and vice-versa.In SL there's a lot more of "How could I build this?" to be done.

I have to admit, it would be great to have the same capabilities with the built-in "animation" of e.g. the Studio FAQ in SL, but there are many other options available.

I guess it also depends on what house-style people/companies have developed, and whether they are able to change them.


Remi Bath

@Jamie: ideally, I would want a click to reveal each answer too, but I will spend some time thinking about simplifying design, I have to start somewhere so I think I'll take your suggestion and experiment. But when you refer to the collapsable menu, do you mean one in Storyline? Ican't find an interaction that does that.

@Bruce: I suppose you're right, though I have no idea what's planned for the new Studio. Interestingly (for me) it may be that even a port to HTML5 may not be ideal if the philosophy of Studio remains that outputs cannot be used as standalone.  That was why I ended up using other (and inferior) tools. I only ever used Engage (not Presenter or Quizmaker) but I wanted to used it nested into a standalone pdf (not necessarily with a web connection). Although Engage exported the swf, it did not work on its own, but only as a web object, so that could not work for me. I have yeet to try it with Storyline but I have already seen it imports as a web object so the question is whether Storyline allows the web object to be embedded or whether it is still dependent on its external URL. If the latter, then I am much better off using native Storyline functionality. More to the point, if the new Studio retains its original philosophy, then an HTML5 port loses its appeal (if I can't use outputs as standalone), even if those outputs have greater reach across platforms.

Anyway, when is the next point release of Studio expected?

Thank you all for your suggestions and tips.


Jill McNair

Hi Margharita,

Here's some step-by step-instructions:



Here's a tutorial by Jeanette on how to to use a question bank to create random branching: https://player.vimeo.com/video/145579090

Hope this helps!  Oh - and feel free to start your own thread any time you don't find your answer.  


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