Fast forward and rewind functionality will not work

Oct 08, 2020

I need a video training module that I am creating to have fast forward and rewind capability.

The video I am using for the Storyline file is stored on our corporate MS Stream site using Kaltura. In this original setting, the video has the ff and rewind capability. When I embed or add as a web object, the ff and rewind capability is disabled. 

I tried using the default Storyline player control settings and checked the box to allow users to drag the seeker bar to rewind and fast forward. When I publish the file to 360 Review to test, the Storyline player controls and seeker bar are visible and I can drag the bar, however, it does not affect the video. The video can only be started and stopped using the original buttons in the Kaltura player. The original Kaltura player ff and rewind features are still disabled.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and/or how to resolve so that the video can be fast forwarded and rewound? 


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Jonathan Huguenin

Hello Kelly,

I don't know Kaltura and the settings of this player. However I do know that some players have some features that are disabled when the content is "embedded". Maybe that's what affects the buttons you're talking about?

Maybe there are specific functions to check in the sharing settings of your video?

I wish I could help you more, but that's the only thing I can think of.

Have a nice day

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