Faulty Publishing results

Oct 08, 2020

Hey Heroes!

I have tried everything and still get the same results. Here, I document my entire process from start to finish in hopes someone might see where I am going astray:

To avoid problems, Articulate says we should only work from our local (C:) drive when publishing so I download the "course name".story file from SharePoint folder to my C drive:

SharePoint properties display this as a .story file.

Once downloaded, the file opens the course for editing in Storyline on my laptop:

I complete the following:
• change the graphic on one slide.
• remove a line of text from another slide
• fix a new glitch (did not exist in any of our work environments): hyperlink overlapping the text on a slide:

I save the changes and select Publish - LMS, and to my C: drive, using the settings my predecessor successfully used a month ago.

I leave Reporting settings as they are by default and ensure Track using quiz results is selected on the Tracking tab:

I select OK in the Reporting and Tracking Options window and select PUBLISH (to my C drive). My result is always missing the "analytics_frame.html" file that my predecessor always had in her published results. 

I use the ZIP option in the Storyline post-publish options window, then upload the zip file to one of our online work environments as a new activity/resource in a new test course. I inevitably see this error:

"Incorrect file package - missing imsmanifest.xml or AICC structure"

I have also tried replacing the zip file in an existing test course with this zip file and get the same results.
I am hoping someone can see what I am doing wrong and provide some guidance.
Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!


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