Feature Request - multiple text entry on 1 slide.

Feb 09, 2015

Hello community.

I would ask you all to submit a feature request that would allow us to have multiple fill in the blanks or freeform text entry questions on 1 slide.

As a developer I can't create the following question in storyline:

     1) It takes _____ hours to travel from New York to _____ .

Doing some research I found it is possible to do this with some fancy trigger work, but I would like to see if that gets recorded in an LMS properly.

I believe this is something the authoring tool should be able to do. Every other authoring tool I have used has been able to, I don't know why something like storyline with all it's bells and whistles can't do it.

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Gary Collins


I have already done that, this is just a post to make others aware of this request and if they are on board hopefully they will submit one to.

As far as the videos go, that is exactly what I am talking about. In order for a developer to get this to work they need to apply a bunch of triggers and variables. Imagine if I had a hundred fill in the blank questions, this would be very cumbersome to setup.


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