Feature requests for Captions window

Mar 30, 2022

There are a couple of things I do over and over in the Storyline Captions window that would be great if they were tweaked.  It would save me a bunch of time.

1. Enable the "Add Caption" button when the play head gets to the end of a caption, and there is blank space after.  It seems really dumb that I can't just add a new caption when it gets to the end of a caption bubble, and there is a blank space afterwards.  I have to first click in the blank space, Add Caption, then re-size the bubble to fit the area and butt up against the previous one.  I do this a lot, because there are always more bubbles than I want, and so I delete a few, which often leaves some empty spaces.

2.  Have a setting for the automatically generated caption bubbles to leave no space in between each other.  The stuff I'm doing has a lot of scientific jargon, and we always want to leave the captions on screen as long as possible until the next one, so viewers have as much time as possible to read them.  I'm always having to lengthen them during breaths and small breaks in the narration.

3. Have the Captions window maintain its size for the following slides after re-sizing in the first one.  I like to widen the window as much as possible, so I don't have to use the scroll bar as much.  But I have to do it every time I open a new Captions window.

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