Feedback for Articulate Storyline

Aug 28, 2023

I just wanted to drop in and provide feedback on Storyline's intuitiveness or lack thereof. If I drop an object into a selected state, I should be able to see it when I select the object. Instead, it inexplicably ignores my inserted object and just reverts to a blurred version. What you see is what you should get, no?

I still thoroughly believe that Storyline was created with the idea to consume as much of the designer's time as possible, no matter what they do

EDIT: Moving an object, for whatever reason, shifts the objects contained within the state. Yet another example of Storyline creating more inexplicable headaches...

2 Replies
Walt Hamilton

It may help if you drop objects into a selected state while you are editing the selected state of the target object.

FWIW, I can't imagine any way I would want to move an object without having all parts of all of its states also move with it. Adding objects to states makes them integral parts of the object. I can't imagine the headache of moving an object, and having to edit it to move every part of every state to align them again.

Personally, I recognize that SL is not mature software, but it increases my productivity considerably if I concentrate of taking advantage of what it is and what it does.  On the other hand, if I focus on what it doesn't do, or try to force it to be something it isn't, or do things the way I want them done, I find my frustration reaches crippling levels.

Edward Agadjanian

Not sure what you mean about dropping objects into a selected state, because that's essentially what I did. Technically, I copy-and-pasted the objects into the state, but it should still work ideally.

I absolutely love how horizontally aligning circles doesn't horizontally align them. I see your point, but it's easier said than done when there are so much that it doesn't do.