feedback for dragged object

Dear Heroes,

I need your help.

I have a free-form drag and drop interaction. When the object is dropped on the box and submit is clicked, the object shows the corresponding state (right or wrong). So far it works as intended.

Now I want the user to click the object for relevant feedback. It works in this example (attached). However, the object can still be dragged.

Question - How can I stop the object being dragged when it is in not in the normal state?

or Is there a better way to perform this task?

Thanks in advance.

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Ansh ⛳

Thanks, Wendy.

I can see that now I have drag feedback visible when I click the submit button. Actually, I want the feedback to appear when the button is clicked after the submit.

Step would be

1. Drag and drop the object

2. Click submit

3. Show correct or wrong

4 When click, show feedback for correct or wrong.