Next arrow should appear after user drags all six objects somewhere

Feb 06, 2020

Hi - I have a drag-and-drop slide. I want the users to drag every object (there are six, and they appear one at a time) somewhere -- correct or incorrect does not matter -- before the Next arrow reappears. There are feedback boxes for incorrect and correct, and they close the box to hide it and go back to the base layer to drag the next object. 

I can't figure out how to create the trigger for that. "Change the state of Next Button to Normal When" ... ? I've tried making the state of each object Visited, Selected, Dragged over (what is that, anyway?) ... nothing works. 

I'm working in Articulate 360.


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Eric Rowland

Hello  Lerissa, 

I would recommend that you use Variables to get what you need completed. 

Variables will essentially track the learners progress and once they have completed the tasks required, you can use a condition trigger that checks to make sure that the work is complete and allow for the Next button to be set to Normal. 

OR there could be an easier way, but I would need to see how the slide is currently operating. 

Any chance you can upload just that slide? 

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