Feedback layer displays on transition

Hi, please help

I have in a Storyline and my first scene has two buttons which launch one of two different scenes dependent on the job role. It doesn't have feedback layers.

Both the Doctors' and the Nurses' scenes which the buttons link to are screen recordings and have hotspots with feedback layers.

The problem is that on both scenes the transition brings up the Try Again feedback layer along with the start of the timeline.  Try again is the one I use where the learner has clicked in the wrong place. 

It seems to be viewing the button clicking as wrong.  

I have disabled the two layers for now but I would like to use them.  Can you suggest a solution, please?  


I have attached a cut down project for you to see what i mean

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Garth Yorko

It is hard to tell what is going on without seeing the source file itself.  Can you post the source here for the slimmed down version?  I could not replicate the initial feedback layer for the Nurse link, but it did show up for Physician.  My best guess is that there is a trigger somewhere causing the Try Again feedback when the slide timeline starts.


Garth Yorko

I believe that the Try Again prompt is displaying because it is registering a click outside the Hotspot when you choose either Nurse or Doctor from the previous screen.

I added a shape off the canvas and set its state to hidden. When the timeline for the Hotspot starts, I change the state of the off-canvas shape to normal.  I added a condition to the trigger that displays the Try Again prompt to only show if the state of the off-canvas shape is Normal

So the trigger reads:

Show Try Again Layer when the user clicks outside the Hotspot IF the state of Off-Canvas Shape is normal. Rather inelegant, but it works.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Caddi.

I'm so glad Garth was able to help you here! 

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