Feedback Layer Properties No Longer Display

Sep 15, 2021

I'm trying to get the Feedback Layer Properties to display when I select the Gear icon or when I Right-Click on said Feedback Layer and then select 'Properties'. I cannot get the dialog to appear. I tried redocking the windows, but to no avail. Also, reinstalling Articulate Storyline (v. 3.55.25975.0, which was also the version I used before uninstalling it) does not resolve the issue for me

I click on Properties, but no window appears!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Daniel.

Thank you for reaching out! Let me ask you a few questions to help troubleshoot:

  • Are you working from a local hard drive? We don't recommend working with files on a network drive. 
  • Is this only happening with this specific file?

If you're comfortable sharing your .story file either publicly here or privately through a support case, our team is happy to take a deeper look!

Daniel Jovanov

To anybody else having this issue (on Windows)

1) Uninstall all Articulate 360 apps, including Storyline 360 and the 360 dashboard app itself. Use the Control Panel to uninstall the 360 app.
2) Download the attached '360cleanup.bat' folder
3) Extract the contents of the attachment. There should be a '360cleanup.bat'.
4) After extracting the folder, right-click on the 360cleanup.bat and let it run. This should remove all registries and keys on your Windows computer.
5) Reinstall Articulate 360 and Articulate Storyline.

You should now be able to change feedback layer properties!

Daniel Jovanov

Sometimes, an update will cause this issue all over again. I don't remember what the exact version number was, but right after I had this issue resolved by a representative, another Storyline update ruined the feedback layer properties for me again, only to have yet another Storyline update fix it again!

Perhaps it also has something to do with switching to different monitors when using my laptop. Sometimes I use a tiny computer monitor while other times I use a huge TV as a second screen when I edit Storyline projects. They way I configure these monitors changes sometimes (ex: left side vs. right side). But either way, I'm glad this is brought up and that somebody at Articulate is aware of this potential issue!