Feedback layers in the nre players

Jun 22, 2018

In both the modern and the classic player, the feedback master has been changed, so the base layer is dimmed when the feedback is shown.

I have search in vain for an option to turn off the dimming. The only solution I have found is to imidiately call abother layer from the feedback layer and add
the feedback manually. But this is not an optimal solution due to extra work and maintanance in the future.

Have I overlooked where to turn off the dimming?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Soren

looks like it is a 'feature' of the modern style feedback layer.

When you turn it back to the classic one, the question and response are not dimmed.


I would copy the feedback items from the modern player and put onto the Classic feedback layer in the short term - until you find out what's happening.

Søren Kastholm

Yes, problem solved. Excellent! Thank you.

As far as I can see, the concept is:

1. all quiz related layers using modern fedback have a transparent option on format background
2. the blank feedback does not have this option
3. classical feedback layers do not have the option
4 and finally, the default tranparency can be set on feedback master level  



Dan Epstein

I found this thread because I was trying to find out why my base layers were dimming when new layers loaded (in preview and published output). To be clear, this wasn't happening on quiz slides, but any slide that had multiple layers. And I'm using the modern player.

I pulled up the feedback master. Transparency was set to 29%. I changed it to 100%. Now the base layers don't dim on preview or publish. 

While I'm happy, WHY DOES THIS WORK? I changed Feedback Masters, not Slide Masters.

Dan Epstein

Thanks, Ashley. I understand why making a change on feedback masters would affect feedbacks, but not why they'd also affect non-question slides. In any case, I'm glad this works. And I think this is something that needs to be made more clear to users. I never would have thought to look at feedback masters to solve my problem had I not found this thread.