Feedback Master

Oct 04, 2022

I'm having a few issues with the feedback master...

  1. How am I able to get the feedback master I designed to be the default feedback layer? When I add an assessment, I get a feedback layer that is not even in the feedback master (picture 1 attached).
  2. When I apply the layout to the correct feedback layer I created, this random blue button is there (picture 2 attached). When I look in the feedback layer, the slides look as they should and there is no other feedback layers nor is there a random blue button in any of my custom feedback layers (picture 3 attached).

I've looked through other forums and the feedback master information and cannot seem to find information regarding these specific issues.

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Ron Price

It looks like you may have deleted the built in button on the Storyline feedback and built your own "Continue" button.  Storyline will always display that button on the feedback layers even if you delete it.

So, I would consider editing the built in button to meet your needs, or dragging the existing button off of the canvas so that it is not on the slide.

See if those options will help