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Feb 16, 2017

Why isn´t it a simple way to turn on and off feedback in questionbank draws. I mean sometimes you use the quiz for learning and then feedback is good but when you use the quiz for testing skills you don´t want feedback. I thought that was quite basic in quiz-construction but I can´t find a way to do that other than remove it from each question which is quite tidious when you have a bank of a couple of 5-600 questions. Anyone who has a better method?

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Dave Cox

Hi Kennet,

You can add a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts for each of the feedback layers in your feedback master slide. Then when you create a new question slide using that feedback style, the slide will automatically advance. You can also move the feedback window off screen for these styles, or even just delay it from displaying for 1/4 second, which will ensure that it doesn't display.

Of course, this will not fix the questions that you have already created. You can however, go to each question and change the feedback layers to your new style, and then each question will do what you want.

I have a requirement for many of my courses to publish both a pre and post version of my tests. The pre-test cannot display feedback, and the post-test needs the feedback. I add a trigger that I call PreCheck. Then I add a trigger to each feedback layer to jump to the next slide when PreCheck is True. That way I can set the variable to True, publish the course and I get a version with no feedback. Then I set the variable to False, and publish again for a version with feedback.

I hope this information helps.

Kennet Ståhl

Thanks for your answer. But since I already have all the question I
have to stick with to set every question to none feedback. Not so hard
but tidious. Sure it would be better if Storyline had a box where you
can decide feedback or not for the whole quiz. Maybe in a future
version. I found a old request for that but it was two years old so the
hope for that to happens in a near future is not big.

Kennet Ståhl

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