feedback response of review quiz showing next and previous arrow


when I click review quiz button, then extra next and prev button appears on red/green bottom strip. we don't want those buttons. because these buttons are overlapping with the 'X'. Please let me know why this issue is occurring. I am not not using this kind of arrow in my story file. I have checked master slides also. but there is nothing. it's appearing only in the review quiz functionality.

I am using SL2 -V11


Thanks is advance.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Vimal

SL automatically adds the default Prev and Next buttons on quiz review so the learner can navigate through the slides.

Here is a quick demo using variables

Using variables

Other folks may chime in with other ways of doing it.

Good luck

vimal singh

Thanks Wendy, But my case is a bit different. I don't want player bottom bar. 

I have attached my .story file. when I preview the course in storyline. everything works fine. but when I published  it and review in the browser, then only the problem occurs. It's very frustrating.

In previous versions of storyline. this wasn't an issue. Don't know why this kind of issue happens in newer versions. :(

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vimal

I'm just testing your project - in preview when I go to review the quiz I cannot move past the first question as the Prev/Next buttons are not active? I haven't published it yet to check but in your post above you said it was working fine. How are you moving between slides?

See attached video