feedback state layers.

Jun 19, 2014

I have an object with 6 states which shows on the slide and the feedback for that slide, all work fine apart from the 6th state which works fine on the slide but on the feedback slide the layers within the object are not as they are set up.

The object on the feedback slide is a duplicate of that on the slide and the triggers all work.

Any ideas why this is happening?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Matt,

If I'm understanding correctly you have an object with 6 states. You've added this object to both a slide and a feedback layer, but the object on the layer isn't functioning correctly with one of the states. 

What type of state is it? Is it a default state (Normal, Hover, etc.), or is it a custom state that you've created? Have you tried applying that same state to a new object (not a duplicated object) to see if it functions on the layer?

If you still have trouble, please consider sharing the slide in a .story file, so we can take a look.



Matthew Swift

Hi Christine,

I've attached the scene which is causing me a headache.

If you answer the questions as follows, you will see what I'm up against.

Sound your horn

Throw your computer...

Skip lunch...

Take it personally...

Work harder...

Get angry... (which is ironically the point at which I'm getting frustrated)

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give.



Bruce Holliday


Nice work.

I put the variable state in view so you can see whats going on. %Stress|guage%

I think its easy to see that the value is not being updated to state 6 because it is not at the correct state on slide 2 , 'Sound' it remains at 0 where I guess you think it should be 1. Or is it at 0 because Sound is correct, no stress ?

Matthew Swift

Hi Bruce,

The state changes but the layers are not showing as they should, the springs should be behind the gauge as they are on the feedback slide yet for some reason they appear in front of it. Think I'll try it without the springs having an animated appearance, although it works on the slide and I like the look of it.

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