Layer appears and works when viewed in slide-preview mode, but not in scene-preview (nor in publish) mode

Oct 28, 2021

In the attached file, you will see that the first layers of slides 1.2 and 1.3 are triggered to appear upon submission of an essay on the base layer.  The layers work fine in slide-preview mode only; in scene- or publish-mode the second layers appear for a split second and the scene moves onward.

I'm thinking that the split-second appearance is related to the literal split-second pause on the first layers (which relate to the animation on the Helm object).

I have searched the forum and have tinkered with timelines on all layers.

Any help is appreciated.

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Mary Michelini

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your reply. When the triggers were ordered in the way you describe that had created another problem (the layer never showed at all); Articulate support advised that I flip the order, which you see in my file. With that problem solved, I now have this one described here in this post.

But thank you!


Mary Michelini

Here is the fix from Articulate.  All good!  Thank you.

The reason why the Essay question slide immediately goes to the next slide is because of the Feedback setting of the question. If you have this set to "None," upon submission of your Essay, Storyline will immediately go to the next slide because it is not expecting any Feedback layers to show.

Setting this to "By Question" will generate the built-in Thank You layer, which will be the feedback layer that Storyline will show upon submission of your Essay. Since you have a custom feedback layer, deleting the generated Thank You layer and renaming your customized layer to "Thank You" instead will ensure that this layer is shown once you've submitted your answer.

By the way, I also removed the "Change state to Hover" trigger in your layers because the Hover state in Storyline is already a built-in function.