File "does not exist"

Hi - I'm trying to import a video in .mp4 format into Storyline 360 via "Insert Movie clip" icon, but getting an error: "File path/name does not exist. Verify that the correct file name was given." I'm just clicking the icon, navigating to the file, and selecting it for import. I can open the media just fine from Windows Explorer. Has anyone run into this? Thanks. 

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Kevin Reed

Will post the answer here for anyone's future reference...

Turns out the folder names were too long. This was content being pulled from an older production tool and being updated in SL360. The folder names were very long and the error was coming in with ~1s like the old days of Windows. So I just pulled out all the media files and put them into a folder with the name of the lesson and they imported fine. 

Figures - as soon as I posted this, my co-worker figured it out!