File name change does not change XML manifest file

I created a quiz template, which was just a .story file that contains all my settings. However, apparently Storyline does not permit this. A file called imsmanifest.xml in the SCORM package stores the file name of the template. When I upload the SCORM package to our LMS the LMS reads the file name in that XML file, not the actual file name. So every course displays on our LMS as

In order to correct things, I think I have to extract the SCORM zip package, change the file name in the XML file, and then copy the XML file back and zip up the package again. Way too much work and too much room for error, if it even works. I haven't tried it.

I already created a bunch of courses before I discovered this, and now I presume I have to go and recreate them all from scratch to solve this issue. I cannot use one file and do a Save As with all the settings intact; I have to start over each time. Is this correct?

Or does Storyline have some sort of shortcut that enables me to change a file name without encountering this kind of a mess?


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