Files too big, suggestions?

Mar 24, 2014

Good morning all,

 I'm currently creating a course that is one long assessment created out of a string of Test Mode simulations. The file has become quite large, over 200 MB and we are having significant problems even getting the file to open (it's currently trying to open and looks like it's cycling through the slides in Story View). Our LMS Administrator suggested that we compress the video files before even packaging it for the LMS. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to compress video files?

This course has over 1000 files associated with it. (It's about 10 times larger than any file we typically upload to our LMS)

Thanks for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

When you publish your Storyline file there will be some automatic compression that will take place, but if you're having difficulty opening it in the first place - that makes publishing tricky.

If you've inserted them as "test mode" they're not being shown as videos, but as individual step by step question slides. You may want to look at deleting any slide masters which are not in use and when you go to the "Record Screen" button there is a drop down arrow where you can see all the screen recordings in use as well - you'll want to delete those that you're not using as they add size to your overall file size. 

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