Fill-In the Blank and Show Layer


I am adding a fill-in the blank exercise to my course. The user is simply rating themselves on a 1-10 scale and there are 11 statements. It doesn't matter what number is entered just as long as all statements have been rated (all blanks have been filled with a number 1-10). I would like for the 'Next' button to appear when all blanks have been filled or if that is not possible, a layer to show when all is complete. There is no correct/incorrect answer - just need all blanks filled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Walt Hamilton

If you are using input boxes, that makes it tough, because the blank isn't filled in until the you click somewhere else on the slide. As you fill in the first one, it is finalized when you click to fill in the next one, but for the last one, you have to click somewhere, which would then recognize the input, then you could click on theĀ  Next button.

Have you thought about using radio buttons, with a Likert-like scale, or sliders? then your natural interaction with the slide could be used to check for completion without the extra step.