Fill-in-the-Blank Answer Reporting

May 11, 2022

Hi all,

Right now I'm trying to add freeform fill-in-the-blank questions to a quiz on Storyline, and this is my issue: these are opinion-based responses that we want instructors to be able to review manually on our LMS after a student finishes the activity.

If I want the Storyline activity to report TextEntry values to the LMS, are there any particular triggers or information I have to set up on Articulate before I export it? Or will the standard reporting & tracking options allow the LMS to receive the text inputs that students fill out on the fill-in-the-blank? 



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Doug.

Thank you for reaching out!

It sounds like a short answer or essay survey question will work for what you're looking for, as it will not be automatically graded.

As long as you have a Results slide, you should be able to see the answer in your LMS. Take a look at the resources below for additional information:

I hope this helps!