Fill-In-The-Blank Trouble

Mar 13, 2018

I am having trouble with fill-in-the-blank questions not accepting correct answers. "Answers are case sensitive" is not checked. There are no symbols involved in the answers. What's puzzling is that it's happening randomly. When a test is taken through our eLearning system SumTotal, sometimes the question accepts the answer as correct, other times it doesn't. It isn't always the same questions either. We are experiencing this issue over a bunch of tests we have recently rolled out using Articulate. I've tested it myself and had success with the correct answers but have also seen the issue first hand when trying again. I've checked answers in Articulate and made sure there are no extra spaces before or after the answer. I've also asked those who are proctoring the tests to make sure there were no spaces entered before or after the answer entered. Out of possible resolutions!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nicole! I can try and help you figure this out. First, what version of Storyline did you use to build this content?

Also, does the problem seem to happen in a certain browser, or any browser you use?

Finally, would you mind sharing the original project file with our team by clicking here? We'll test it out and let you know what we find.

Nicole Speranza

Could this have caused my problem:

In order to upload the zipfile to SumTotal, I had to delete some files from the original zipfile. Anything containing ".woff" was removed. This included three files:

  1.  open-sans-bold.woff
  2. open-sans-light.woff
  3. open-sans-regular.woff

Open Sans is the font for the fill-in-the-blank answer. Could deleting these be the issue? I located these files by opening the zipfile --> html5 --> lib --> stylesheets --> mobilefonts then deleted these three files. If this is the issue, how do I fix this since I can't have WOFF files when updating to SumTotal.


Nicole Speranza

Hello. We are still having this issue. SumTotal showed me a way to allow those WOFF files to be published, so that has been resolved. I have  also updated the font to something universal to make sure it is an available font on all devices taking the training. Everyone is using Chrome. I tried uploading files for viewing, but every time I do, I am told they aren't the correct files needed. I don't know where to go from here but using this program  is becoming a major issue for our company. Please advise.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching back out, Nicole. I'm really sorry you're still experiencing this issue – we're happy to continue working through it with you!

I located your case with Anna and have attached your latest update there. We'll try to identify what's going on with those files, and you should hear back with some next steps as soon as possible. Thanks again for updating us here – I'll follow along in your case as well.

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