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Jun 16, 2017


I am trying to recreate a form within Storyline 2 using the Data Entry fields. The form requires specific numbers to be entered.  If the user does not enter the correct number a layer appears giving them a hint on how to correct it.

My problem is the numbers are dollar amounts. I want the user to be able to enter the amount as: 8000; 8,000; or 8,000.00.  But the only way I can get it to work is if I only allow one format option.  I thought I could add the 'or' conditions but that doesn't work.  Any thoughts?

Here is what I have: 

Show layer income box when text entry 1 changes, If text entry 1 is not equal to, ignore case 3,900.00  - this is working fine but,

What I tried to do is add an "or text entry 1 is not equal to, ignore case 3900" then add a 3rd 'or' option for 3,900. When I do that, it shows the layer when the user enters the correct data.




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