Final Assessment

Jul 27, 2021


Is there a way to achieve the below scenario? If so, what are the recommended steps?

My Client wants a final assessment for credit. The learner will have 10 questions.

* Would like 5 questions pulled from existing covered in earlier modules
* In addition to the existing 5,  They want 5 unique questions for the Final Assessment

The learner will have 2 attempts to pass the exam.

If the learner fails 1x they’d like this set up so the 5 final assessment questions are replaced so the learner doesn’t get exact same 5 final assessment.

So I am thinking ….would I add 10 final assessment questions and set up a variable that would randomize the 5 final assessment if they have to retake the exam a second time?

Again the idea is the learner takes a final assessment of 10 questions. 
5 from existing questions (this stays constant)

5 unique final exam questions… (if the leather has to retry these 5 should switch out so the learner doesn’t get the exact same 5 final assessment questions).  

Is this possible?

How can I best set this up?

Thank you in advance for your expertise shared!!

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