Final Quiz Functionality issue

We are facing two issues with related to final quiz for one of our requirements.

Issue 1: The learner is able to leave the final quiz at any point of time and navigate to any content screen using the menu. This will help him to see the correct answers. Is there any way in which we can restrict the learners from using the menu only for the final quiz section? (We are using Storyline 1)

Issue 2: Our customer wants us to restrict the learner from exiting the course without clicking on the review quiz. That is, once the final quiz is complete, the learner needs to review his correct and wrong answers and only then be allowed to exit the course. We are not sure about how to achieve this in Storyline 1. 

Thanks in Advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mohan,

There isn't a way to only restrict a portion of the menu - it's an all or nothing element. You could look at setting up the quiz slides to not include the menu as a part of the player element by changing to a custom player on those slides from the slide properties - but a savvy user may be able to figure out to navigate back to a screen where they previously saw it and then click around to find the answers. 

They'll always be able to exit the course by doing something such as closing the browser - so there won't be a true way to stop them entirely. If you have a "next" but you could look at disabling it until they have clicked the review button.