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Jul 16, 2020

Greetings - we have used Storyline for many years, building stand-alone modules for teaching various health topics. We are now doing something we've never needed to do before and are looking for some guidance. With COVID, we need to have our final test/quiz be online rather than with pen and paper. Here's what we want to do:

Students need to log in with their unique username and password.

The test needs to run for a specified length of time, like 2 hours or possibly 2.5 hours.

The quiz will randomize the questions and will not give the student feedback after they answer - it will just go on to the next question.

When they are finished, or when the time is up, the Quiz will record the names and scores for us so we can see who passed or failed.

Also, I believe all the tests will taken at the same time, via computers or Android.

Any advice on how to do this is greatly appreciated. We need to have it ready in a week. Do we need a LMS? Articulate Online? I think once we are pointed in the right direction we will be able to figure out how to implement the solution.

Thanks for your help -





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Andrew Hanley

Yeah, 1 week from start to finish including testing is going to be tight, but perhaps doable if the question format is all the same.

Ive done exactly this thing for a couple of clients before, and to "prove identities" the Learners entered their name, email address and any relevant ID.

This was then all emailed back to an Admin who processed the scores/names/etc.

The only reason for this last step (because they actually could have got all this from the LMS!) was because my client felt more comfortable having it emailled.

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