Change question attempts and/or points for different draws?

Jan 03, 2022

Can you change question attempts and/or points for different draws, for the same question in a question bank?

I have a large project with a "test-out" Pre-test, a Final test (after the content if they do not pass the test-out), and non-scored knowledge checks (after the lessons). Many of the same questions are used in all three places. I want to convert (move) the questions into a question bank, then add a question bank draw for the Pre-test, another one for the Final test, and others for the knowledge checks. I want to do this so I don't have to edit the question in 3 places every time the SME changes the question (which is often for this SME). My issue is that the attempts and points (for each question) would need to be different for the Pre-test, versus the Final test, versus the knowledge checks. I looked, but it does not seem the "Question Draw" options let me change the attempts/points of the questions.

The reason I need to do that is because the Pre-test has ~20 questions with only one attempt allowed and 5 points. The Final test has 11 questions with three attempts and 9 points. The knowledge checks have ~5 questions with unlimited attempts and 20 points.

Make sense? It's "Proprietary with Restrictions" content, so I can't share the story file. Thanks for any help.

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Brandan laura

Hi Laura,

If I change the question points and attempts using "Click to view question bank" won't that change the points and attempts for that question for every instance that question is used (in other sections of the course with different draws)?

Or are you saying that it changes the points and attempts for that question specifically for that draw only?


Lauren Connelly

Hello Brandan!

It will change the points and attempts for that question slide even if it's located in other question banks. I can see now that it is different than what you were looking for. Sorry about that!

As a workaround, you might consider duplicating the slides and inserting them into additional Question Banks.

Apologies for the misunderstanding!

Brandan laura

Thanks, and no worries about misunderstanding.  :)

I think what I will do is just leave the quiz questions as separate slides in the different quizzes and edit them individually, as I have been. I wanted to understand the functionality before spending a lot of work converting to a question bank, if it was not going to give me what I wanted. You helped me with that. I appreciate it. Thanks.