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Mar 14, 2016

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to set up a 'final slide' or 'screen' that appears when the learner completes  a module (ie. pass the post module test). We have it set up so that the learner sees the content, takes the test and if they fail, they go back to the content and can then take the test again - but only once more. If they fail again, they are locked out of the course for a certain amount of time. If they pass either time, I want a screen to appear with 'Congratulations' or something to that effect. If they fail it twice, I want a screen to appear that says 'You have failed this module, please exit the course' or something like that.

What I have tried is creating a new layer on the results slide that appears when they have taken the course twice that says 'you have failed this module, please exit the course.I have done this by setting up a variable so that when the retry button is equal to '2' the new layer appears. I then realised though that if they take the test once, fail it and then take it again but pass it, the new 'you have failed, please exit course' layer appears (as I have set it to appear when they take the test twice, whether they pass or fail). Can anyone suggest a way of setting this up so that they get the 'congratulations layer/slide/screen on either 1st or 2nd attempt if they pass either time, but then the 'you have failed, please exit course'  slide/layer/screen only when they fail the test for a second time?

I hope this is clear!

Many thanks!


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Tracy Parish

Sounds like you just need your variable set up in a slightly different way or counting in a different manner.  I did have to make sure my layers showed only when the variable changes, rather then when the timeline starts. 

See my example.

I created a variable "NumberofFails".  I add 1 if they fail the first time.  If it is equal to 1 they see the first Fail Layer.  The first fail layer has a RETRY button on it.

If they fail a second time, the variable has 1 added to it.  If the variable is equal to 2 they see the second fail layer with no Retry button on it.  

Feel free to contact me if this doesn't make sense.

Moia Rowsome

Hi Tracy, 

I have set up one set of questions & results slide with the layers that you have suggested. It works! So thank you. However, I am having trouble with the review slides now. We have set it up so that the user can review their answers. What is happening now is that if I go through the questions and fail, get to fail layer 1, then click 'review' on that layer, at the end of that sequence I end up at fail layer 2 (instead of just going back to fail layer one)... 

I have attached my project in case you or anyone else has a chance to look at it! If you go to Cardinal Rules on the first slide with the blue circles, and jump through all the videos by skipping ahead with the seekbar (you will see the next button appears when the video/audio finishes), and then there will be 3 questions and a results slide! Apologies if this is a bit tedious to get to the questions!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your file Moia and allowing me to take a look. 

I navigated to the first quiz, took the quiz, failed, was allowed to retry, navigated back through some slides, took the quiz, failed, and did not have a subsequent retry button.

Then I understood your question to be about the review, so I navigated to the first quiz, took the quiz, failed, clicked review, navigated back to results slide - and they were the same - with option to review/retry which indicates the first failure layer, correct?

My understanding is that is the expected behavior, so can you help me understand how to replicate?

I do fear that you may have subsequent issues with your other quizzes because it appears that you are using the same variables for all of your quizzes. Which means they are being adjusted on the first quiz and subsequently you may not be getting the results you expect.

I wanted to better understand the issue first though :)

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